Find a reputable seller

Are you looking to encourage a friend family member or even yourself? If you are then our collection offer great gift options. Purchasing Simply Minimal recovery coins gives you a chance to get recovery medallions at the highest quality. However, you must first find a reputable seller that can guarantee premium quality recovery coins. Whether you seek NA or AA medallions to celebrate one year of recovery or 55 years we have a coin for you. our coins meant to mark the first step in recovery the and follow you through the journey of recovery, it is vital to get the best value for your money. That's precisely what we promise here at Simply Minimal Recovery Coins. We have a great assortment of recovery coins for all the milestones you make, from 24 hours, to 55 years.

  • Find a reputable seller – recovery coins are specialty gifts made of zinc alloy, metals, and other premium materials, As such, it is essential to find a trusted seller that can guarantee the best quality for your budget. As a rule of thumb, you should choose an experienced long-serving seller with a growing reputation for premium recovery medallions and a genuine passion for helping recovering alcoholics and addicts to recover from alcohol and drugs.