(Years 1-55) NA Recovery Coin, Narcotics Anonymous Medallions (Red, Gold)

Where to Buy NA Anniversary Coins 

Are you looking for the perfect 1-year NA recovery gifts to offer your recovering friend or family? Maybe you are a recovery home leader ready to celebrate members on their rehabilitation milestones. If you are, you could never go wrong with sobriety coins, which come in different materials, including gold color, silver color, and zinc alloy. You can also buy sobriety chips to celebrate 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, three months, 18 months, or one year of sobriety. Any milestone is worth celebrating, and a medallion is a perfect encouragement to stay on track towards full recovery. You can purchase custom coins engraved with personal achievements and other encouraging elements. The coins also come in different colors, including red, green, gold, and silver, so you can narrow it down to personal preference.

The Best 1-Year NA Recovery Gifts

Although there's no single best gift for everyone, coins remain the ideal 1-year NA recovery gifts to offer narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous members. They come in custom designs, so you can personalize them as much as you desire. NA medallions also feature premium materials such as gold and silver and accessories like keychain holders and displays.

You can purchase several other recovery gifts, especially if you are looking to encourage a friend or family who has decided to take the rehabilitation journey. Just make sure it fits the anniversary, regardless of whether you are celebrating months or years of sobriety.

What's the Perfect Choice for 1-Year NA Coin?

Purchasing 1-year NA coin recovery gifts is a big decision, and if you go with coins, it is vital to find the best value for your money. More importantly, you should get premium quality to remind the recipient of their valuable health and why they are brave to make a bold step towards rehabilitation.

At Recovery Coins Online, we recommend gold and silver medallions with elegant holders and displays. We consider sobriety coins specialty items with a unique role in the recovery process. Like other life achievements, joining narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous communities to quit harmful drugs and alcohol is worth celebrating.

Making it to two years of sobriety is an impressive feat to achieve and a bold statement towards one's dedication to rehabilitate and get better. If you are getting coins for clubhouse members, you can take advantage of wholesale prices. A 1-year NA coin is also likely to end up in an elegant display, so keep this in mind when looking for options.