(Years 1 -55) AA Recovery Coins, Alcoholics Anonymous Medallions (Blue, Silver)

AA Medallions

Celebrate your Recovery milestones with AA 1-55 years medallions. Achieving and maintaining a recovery goal is a momentous success that reflects hard work and dedication, and Recovery Coins Online is proud to specialize in producing Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous medallions with premium materials and quality engraved designs. Each day sober is a victory, and at Recovery Coins Online, we are delighted to create tangible symbols that reflect your personal success. Browse our vast selection of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous medallions — we feature AA one-year medallions, AA five-year medallions, and so much more. From 24 hours sober to two years, five years, and beyond, each day sober is worthy of celebration. We use premium quality materials to produce each medallion, and our designers create engraved designs with meticulous attention to detail. Choose from silver and gold rehabilitation coins — we even feature specialty coins in our online collection!

AA 1-55 Years Medallions

Recovery Coins Online features stunning AA 1-55 years medallions on sale now. The first year that marks a life of sobriety is a tremendous milestone for someone who has battled alcohol addiction. This person has made significant life changes in order to maintain their commitment to sober living, and our AA one-year medallions mark that incredible feat.

AA One-Year Medallions

Celebrate your freedom from alcohol addiction with AA one-year medallions crafted with superior artistry by experienced engravers and design professionals. Shop for AA one-year medallions on our website today. We feature silver and gold coins that mark various sobriety milestones and also offer custom designs for special medallions as well.

AA three-Year Medallions

You've been sober for months and, now, finally, years! AA  Three-year medallions from Recovery Coins Online are wrought with engraved precision. These coins are emblematic of real-life victories, so we put great care into their production. Shop our online store to find other specialty AA coins on sale now. 

AA Coins for Sale Online

Recovery Coins Online features a wide selection of AA coins for sale online. We feature custom engraved coins at affordable pricing. Whether you're celebrating months or years sober, you can mark your milestones with our quality coins that reflect your sober living success.

One-Year AA Coins Online

If you are shopping for high-quality one-year AA coins online, you'll find that Recovery Coins Online is an industry leader. We manage to sell our one-year AA coins and other rehabilitation medallions at affordable prices because we don't have a brick and mortar shop's expensive overhead; we pass those savings on to you!

Two-Year AA Coins for Sale

Shop our two-year AA coins for sale at Recovery Coins Online and celebrate another year of being clean and sober with a special marker. We feature two-year AA coins for sale with custom designs. Browse our wide selection to find coins that mark special sobriety milestones, then contact us today to place an order!