What Are the Different Types of Recovery Coins, and What Do They Mean?

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Recovery coins, or AA and NA chips, are important tokens to many people working the steps of an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous program. These chips signify different milestones for sobriety and are distributed to those who are newly clean and sober, as well as those who have been sober for many years. There are several different kinds of recovery coins, each with a different meaning.

Infographic explaining the types of sobriety coins and what they mean

24 Hour Medallion

These are the initial coins that a new member of AA or NA receives at their first meeting. It signifies someone who has been sober for 24 hours and helps to remind newcomers that everyone starts somewhere and to take it one day at a time. Carrying these coins with them can help people remember their achievements and goals.

Monthly Medallions

Each month members of AA and NA (and other groups) receive a coin on the anniversary of their  clean and sober date. These are given to to a person in recovery, helping people reaffirm their choices. Each AA and NA month coin has a different color, and many people can identify fellows in sobriety by the color of the tokens they have:

  • White – Newcomer
  • Orange – 30 days
  • Green – 60 days
  • Red – 90 days
  • Blue – 6 months
  • Yellow – 9 months

Yearly Anniversary Medallions

After the first year, people in recovery receive a chip on the anniversary of their recovery date. These coins are generally heavier and more solid than the 24-hour chip and monthly tokens, to signify the importance of a whole year clean and sober. coins are available from 1-55 years.

Affirmation Coins

In addition to the anniversary tokens, some members of the program may choose to give affirmation tokens containing messages such as "Just for Today" and "One Day At a Time." Having an affirmation or mantra to carry around can often help those in recovery stay committed to their recovery.

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