Receiving and Gifting Recovery Coins to Honor the Time Clean and Sober in The Program

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Alcohol and substance abuse are significant social problems affecting a large portion of the American population. A new study by JAMA psychiatry reveals that about 12.7% of the U.S. populace now satisfies diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder. The best news is; you don't have to suffer the effects of alcoholism alone. There are several fellowships, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) who are ready to help. One of the most effective methods AA and NA fellowships is to use recovery coins to help them recover from addiction 

What Are Recovery Coins?

Recovery coins are small tokens carried by members of AA and NA, they are committed to regaining freedom from the shackles of alcohol or drugs. The tokens are small in size and are commonly marked with a serenity prayer, and the duration one has remained clean and sober. Typically, members of  Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) carry these coins.

There are several types and styles of recovery coins, we have them all! The purpose of the recovery chips is to remind you of your commitment to stay in recovery. Ideally, these chips help you recognize your strengths, which you can share with the other fellowship members. The chips are usually distributed to members in recovery who celebrate their anniversary in the program. 

How Recovery Coins Can Help Build Confidence During the Journey Of Recovery

While recovery coins have been around for many years, few recovering addicts understand the coins' intrinsic value. Here's how they can help build confidence during the journey to sobriety:

Accountability: Recovery coins are more than medallions that celebrate sobriety milestones. They are also about responsibility for yourself and keep comrades with whom you are taking the journey accountable.

They represent AA's and NA's commitment to recovering alcoholics and  addicts: Most recovering alcoholics and addicts believe that the coins only represent their commitment to the journey. However, these coins also represent a fellowship commitment to recovering addicts. In essence, it's this two-way commitment that breeds success.

A symbol of triumph: Recovery coins also help addicts appreciate their journey so far and aim for more sober days, months and years.

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