NA And AA Fellowships Explained

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NA and AA are two of the most widely recognized fellowships for people struggling with addiction.

NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous, while AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous. Both organizations follow a similar twelve-step program that encourages members to admit their powerlessness over their addiction, seek help from a higher power, and make amends for past wrongs.

The primary difference between NA and AA is that NA is specifically for those struggling with drug addiction, while AA is for those struggling with alcohol addiction. However, many people attend both fellowships if they struggle with both substances.

Both NA and AA are free and open to anyone who wants to attend. They are peer-led groups that provide a supportive community for people in recovery. Members are encouraged to attend meetings regularly, work through the twelve steps with a sponsor, and help others who are also struggling with addiction.

NA and AA are known for their anonymity, meaning that members are encouraged to keep the identities of other members confidential to promote a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Overall, NA and AA are effective resources for people who struggle with addiction, providing a supportive community and a framework for recovery.

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