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AA and NA, days, months and years coins play a vital role in encouraging people in their recovery and journey recovering from alcohol, drugs. Whether you have been sober for 24 hours or 24 years, celebrating your sobriety with a medallion can keep you determined to stay clean and sober. Finding alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous coins should be an effortless task, and at Recovery Coins Online, we can help.

Choose A Reputable AA & NA Recovery Medallion Distributor

It is vital to find a reputable distributor, like Simply Minimal, whenever you want to buy AA or NA coins. Our high-quality Medallions come in various forms and are made of the highest quality materials, Moreover, they are meant to encourage Recovering alcoholics and addicts to stay focused on being clean and sober.

the coins are in days, months, or years that recipient has stayed clean and sober. At Simply Minimal, our specialty is to provide premium quality custom coins for those in their journey of recovery.

Hallmarks Of A Trusted NA and AA Recovery Coins Dealer

There are various aspects you can use to distinguish reliable NA and AA sobriety coin dealers like Simply Minimal.

Coin variety and accessoriesAA and NA one-year Medallions are quite popular, but you can celebrate being sober for 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, six months, nine months, 18 months. More importantly, they come in varying colors for you to choose from. We also offer AA and NA medallion holders for sale.

Material and quality – Most narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous recovery coins are made of zinc alloy, soft enamel, and gold and silver colors. A reliable recovery coin distributor should offer quality guarantees, including replacing all deliveries that arrive damaged or packaging errors.

Finding an AA and NA Recovery Medallion Distributor

At Simply Minimal, we’re a dedicated AA and NA medallion distributor. You can check out our different offers and use the key aspects above (coin variety, materials, quality, and reviews) to see what distinguishes our top-rated coins from the rest.

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Are you ready to buy NA or AA coins as recovery gifts? Our recovery coins are personal and uniqe, The coins designed to celebrate your milestones in your journey in recovery. There are various designs, all coins can be paired with a sleek coin holder display to proudly celebrate and show your days, months, or years of being clean and sober.

Simply Minimal has been providing recovery medallions to recovering addicts as well as their families and friends. Whether you are buying for a rehab team or one medal for your personal recovery achievements, we have enough options to choose from. Contact us today to find out more about our recovery coins, their role in recovery, and how to get the best designs.


What Is an NA/AA Recovery Coin?

These are medallions given to those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction to encourage them on the milestones they have made (days, months, or years they have stayed clean and sober).

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Yes. Simply Minimal offers free shipping domestically to addresses nationwide.

How Do You Typically Display a Recovery Medallion?

Most people use a keychain Coin Holder to display their clean and sober time in the program, its an elegant and fashionable way to do so.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Simply Minimal will refund or replace all medallions and accessories that arrive defective.

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Simply Minimal Brand products are uniquely designed and made with top-shelf materials, we pay extra attention to Small Details on our aa medallion chips designs. First, a mold Is created according to each aa coin design specification and unique style, The actual coin composition is a zinc alloy, the wordings made from soft enamel, gold/silver color tri-plated and sealed with clear epoxy.

AA coins holder are separated from the plastic key tags giving in meetings and may come and be made in many shapes colors and form some official some modified and others as an artistic expression of the maker and are defiantly open for oneself interpretation and understanding. Here at Simply Minimal®, we make sure to create the highest quality of recovery chips with utmost love and care using the best materials in the industry and doing so all under the trademarked design showing here on this site.